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Massive, 3D-printed fidget spinner gets a move on

Fans of the uber-popular gadget take it a step further by making a giant version using 3D-printed parts.

Fidget spinners have reached craze status. Whether you're spinning one for fun, for focus or for stress relief, some are more impressive than others. 

In this video posted Monday, watch as a huge Prenta M3 3D printer is used to create parts for a giant fidget spinner

Finland-based duo Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni Vuohensilta show how they built a fidget spinner that weighs 15 kilograms, or 33 pounds. 

The spinner is made from plastic 3D parts and an enormous ball bearing track in the middle. 

Because the spinner is so heavy, it requires two hands to spin. The pair really get it moving by using a powerful leaf blower.