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Ghostbusters sneakers! Reebok to drop new Ghost Smashers on Halloween

Shoe ya gonna call?

Reebok's new Ghost Smashers sneakers ain't afraid of no ghosts. Or puddles.

Prepare for mass hysteria in the sneakerhead community with new Reebok Ghost Smashers sneakers based on the Ghostbusters movies. 

The two shoe designs celebrate the spooky smash hit 1984 comedy starring Bill MurrayDan AykroydHarold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis. They're the latest footwear paying tribute to classic movies, following Reebok's Bug Stompers from Aliens and Nike's Back to the Future self-lacing shoes

When midnight strikes on Oct. 31 and Halloween begins, both the Reebok Ghost Smashers and Ghostbusters Classic Leather Shoes will rise from the dead -- or at least go on sale.

The Ghost Smashers color pattern is inspired by Ecto-1 and other essential ghostbustin' equipment. The slightly battered white high-tops have a Velcro strap, red stripe and even a detachable proton pack. They cost $150 (about £115, AU$ 211) but it seems only come in men's sizes.

Don't cross the streams.


The other pair is a little more subtle. Inspired by the beige jumpsuits worn in the film, the reworked Reebok Classics feature a logo on the tongue and little details like a yellow and black stripe echoing the look of the ghost trap, a splash of green slime on the outsole, and a badge based on the name tags worn by Venkman and chums. 

Reebok Classics for a classic film.


The Ghostbusters Classic Leather Shoes cost $100 (£76, about AU$140).

The creepy kicks will have to fill the void until new movie Ghostbusters: Afterlife was delayed from this summer to June 2021.  

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