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Did a truck photobomb a 'Game of Thrones' scene?

If a viral screenshot is to be believed, Jon Snow could have just driven away from that undead attack in the frozen North.

That's a truck, but it's not what you might think.
Video screenshot, red circle by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Despite its big budget and sky-high production values, "Game of Thrones" does occasionally make minor mistakes, but leaving a modern pickup truck in the background of a scene isn't one of them. 

A viral screenshot crashed its way across the internet from Twitter to Reddit this week. On the surface, it looks pretty convincing. It's a scene from Sunday's frozen-lake battle showing a wight horde, our heroes on an island and a white pickup truck in the distance behind all the action. Yes, this actually happened. No, it wasn't in the episode broadcast on Sunday.

The screenshot comes from HBO's "Game of Thrones: The Frozen Lake" behind-the-scenes video. The footage seems to originate from a camera used to document the making of the episode. Taken out of context, it's extremely funny. Fortunately, plenty of "Game of Thrones" fans were on top of things and pointed out the real origin of the truck shot.

If you want to enjoy a more sincere "Game of Thrones" goof, be sure to check out Jon Snow's flopping sword from season 6.