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'Game of Thrones' Prequel Series Drops Slick New Trailer

HBO's House of the Dragon drops an impressive official trailer.

Young Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen.
Milly Alcock appears as young Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen in the new trailer. 
Screenshot by CNET

The much-anticipated Game of Thrones prequel series isn't far away now (premiering Aug. 21 on HBO), and it's got a second trailer to prove it's worth HBO's money. House of the Dragon dropped the latest look on Wednesday, a couple of days ahead of a Saturday panel at San Diego Comic-Con, taking place July 21-24.

Check out the new trailer below, which reveals high-flying dragons and plenty of platinum blonde hairdos.

House of the Dragon is based on George R.R. Martin's novel Fire & Blood, which tells the history of House Targaryen. It's set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones and stars Paddy Considine, Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke, Emma D'Arcy, Steve Toussaint, Eve Best, Fabien Frankel, Sonoya Mizuno and Rhys Ifans. The full cast, of course, is even bigger.

The first teaser trailer for the series dropped in May, mysteriously revealing Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock), the named heir to King Viserys (Considine). However, Rhaenys (Best) warns a young Rhaenyra that "men would sooner put the realm to the torch than see a woman ascend the Iron Throne."

The 10-episode series will debut Sunday, Aug. 21, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max.