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'Game of Thrones' chatbot is your know-it-all viewing buddy

Questions are coming. The GoTBot Facebook chatbot draws on its encyclopedic "Game of Thrones" knowledge to field your queries.

GoTBot knows a lot more than nothing.

"Game of Thrones" involves a massive web of characters, intersecting plot lines and far-flung places. UK digital agency Catch is trying to help us keep track of all the madness with a Facebook Messenger chatbot called GoTBot. You can ask it for background on characters, find out who's dead or alive or have it tell you silly "Game of Thrones"-themed jokes.

GoTBot isn't afraid to be irreverent. Ask what's up with Cersei and Jamie and it delivers a GIF of actor Peter Dinklage giving a euphemistic description of their incestuous relationship. It's also not afraid to go on tangents by serving up photos of Jon Snow as a teenager. 

The chatbot doesn't always understand what you're saying. If you ask it about Lady Mormont, it will deliver information about Lady the direwolf. Rephrasing the question to specify "Lyanna Mormont" gets you the right information. 

The artificial-intelligence engine behind GoTBot is always learning, so expect its accuracy to improve over time.   

With season 7 starting up on July 16, the GoTBot is here just in time to act as a viewing companion, refreshing your memory and filling in the blanks about characters and major plot points. This is all information you could find by searching online, but perhaps GoTBot's greatest gift is acting as a conduit for sassy "Game of Thrones" GIFs and meme images while also providing useful reports. Just ask it about Jon Snow's hair. 

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