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Game of Thrones: Biggest questions and boldest predictions ahead of season 8

'What is the best Game of Thrones episode ever?' and other burning questions ahead of the season 8 premiere.

Helen Sloane/HBO

Whether the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones has you begging for the sweet release of death or consuming every episode in a maniacal, last-minute frenzy as if it's one of Hot Pie's famous pastries -- you've probably got some questions. 

Fortunately, the CNET Australia team also had questions and some of us even had answers. 

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You're probably hoping to find answers to questions over Tyrion's true lineage and whether or not Cersei is pregnant, but here at CNET we decided to take a, uh, slightly different approach. We assembled some of the realm's most learned Game of Thrones fans (actually, just the rest of the editorial team here in the Australian office) and interrogated them with some of the biggest questions we still have heading into the final season.

We've got answers to questions like "Which minor characters did they want to see make a comeback?" and "Which characters do they hope they never have to see again?" plus, we try and work out why, exactly, the White Walkers, a species composed mostly of bones and ice, would even want to head south where it's obviously hot and sunny.

As we head into the final six episode stretch of feature-length episodes, I'm not sure that you'll find everything you're looking for here, but what I can tell you is this simple fact: The CNET team are really excited to see Hot Pie in season 8.

For all your Game of Thrones needs, check out CNET's huge explainer on when to watch, where to watch and what to expect from Thrones' final goodbye.