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Singing Furbys power this musical instrument from hell

Listening to this terrifying racket is probably how Sid the "Toy Story" psycho passes his days.

Welcome to a 1990s kid's nightmare.

YouTuber Sam of Look Mum No Computer spent years acquiring 44 Furbys, the cult favorite electronic talking toy from the 1990s, and then hooked them up to an electronic organ.

If you thought the squawky wails of one Furby was bad, jam in some earplugs, stat. The resulting Furbish cacophony, posted to YouTube on Sunday, is probably what Sid the toy-torturer from "Toy Story" has to listen to in hell.

Sam's put a scary amount of thought into this creation (extra points for the "Gremlins"-inspired "don't feed after midnight" warning scrawled inside the organ), and by midday Monday the video had earned more than 349,000 views. 

Remember back when Coca-Cola thought teaching the world to sing was a good idea? The Furby organ is proof they were wrong.