Fortnite on iOS is going live today

Invites for the "so hot right now" sandbox survival shooter are being sent out right now. And it's already live.

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Mark Serrels
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Epic Games

More than 600,000 people watched Drake play it live with Twitch superstar Ninja yesterday, and now Epic is announcing that its long-feted move to mobile on iOS is live. 

On its official site, Epic announced that invites for the Fortnite Invite Event on iOS are being sent via email.

"This is the initial round of invites," Epic said. "We will be sending more in the coming days and weeks, so if you don't get one right away, don't worry.  

"The game is in an early state and we look forward to your feedback as we iterate and improve." 

Fortnite is massive right now. Initially a co-op game pitting players against zombies, Fortnite released a standalone battle royale game mode in response to the dramatic success of competitor PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. In that mode, up to 100 users battle one another till there's one player standing. 

In the wake of that release, Fortnite has gathered an incredible amount of steam. It's overtaken PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds in both player count and viewership on Twitch streaming channels. More than 40 million people have downloaded Fortnite.

The port to mobile is Fortnite's next step toward world domination.

Unlike other mobile ports, Epic is promising Fortnite's move to mobile will play, look and feel identical to the console and PC experience, with the "same gameplay, same map, same weekly updates."

Fortnite's growth has been stratospheric. It's currently beating rival PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds to the punch in terms of updates, audience and chatter online. A rollout for Android has yet to be announced, but it is in the works.