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Fortnite Monopoly ditches money for weapons and chests

Do not pass go! A Fortnite Monopoly board game is on the way from Epic Games and Hasbro.

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Fortnite Monopoly is taking many elements of the battle royale title to the board game.


Fortnite fans can show off their love for the game with everything from a unicorn pickaxe to a Cuddle Team Leader mascot head

Soon, players will be able to drop down from the Battle Bus and onto a version of Monopoly themed after the popular shooting game. The board game from Epic Games and Hasbro is due to hit stores on Oct. 1

Donald Mustard, worldwide creative director of Epic Games, tweeted the first look at the art for the upcoming Fortnite Monopoly game on Thursday which Hasbro confirmed in their own announcement Monday.

Every property on the Monopoly board has been replaced with a location from Fortnite Island. Paradise Palms, Dusty Divot, Lazy Link and Tilted Towers are easily identified in the new Monopoly game. 

The game also includes chests, traps and storm cards. The back of the box further outlines that 27 different Fortnite outfits are available to attach to your token. Outfits previously reported include Skull Trooper, Nevermore and Omega.

The Storm, which in the video game shrinks the battlefield, could get unleashed every time a player passes the Go space.

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The back of the Fortnite Monopoly box outlines some of the game's new tweaks.


While the classic Jail and Free Parking squares remain the same in the Fortnite board version of Monopoly -- the biggest change is there's no money

Instead of cash, the game will use hit points like in the video game, IGN reports. It isn't the first Monopoly set to tweak the money element of of the game, but it does theme the game a bit closer to how the battle royale shooting game plays out.

In another change, one die will be used for movement while the second will be for actions such as healing with a Bandage, shooting another player with Cross Hairs, building a wall for protection or deploying a Boogie Bomb to target other players.

Hasbro also threw into Monday's announcement the reveal that Fortnite-themed Nerf guns are also on the way, with a look at the guns set for a later date.

First published Sept. 8, 2018 at 11:08 a.m. PT.
Update Sept. 10 at 10:04 a.m. PT: Adds information from Hasbro about the game, and the reveal of Fortnite-themed Nerf guns.

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