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Forget the Super Bowl, Monsters Inc. fans are celebrating 2319 day

Feb. 3, 2019 means more than just the Super Bowl for fans of this Pixar film.

Mike Sorrentino Senior Editor
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Mike Sorrentino

Monsters Inc. fans are thrilled that Feb. 3, 2019 correlates into 2319 day.

Walt Disney Pictures

Monsters Inc. fans have more than just the Super Bowl to enjoy on Sunday.

Since it's Feb. 3, 2019, fans of the Pixar film were quick to that the date correlates to the code 2319, a number that leads to a sequence in a hilarious scene from the 2001 film.

As pointed out by CNET sister site ComicBook.com, the scene in question involves the monster George (Sam Black), who gets an unexpected haircut as a result of getting a child's sock stuck on his gloriously orange fur. At this point in the film, monsters think children are toxic, making the sock a big issue code-named 2319. 

Fans who remember the scene have taken to Twitter to celebrate the date, with all sorts of orange-ful posts in memory of George's hair.

One even thinks 2319 could be a Super Bowl strategy (don't do this).

And here's a human reenactment of the scene.

And a costumed one, too.

Have you posted your own 2319 salute on social media? Drop us a link in the comments and we may add it to this roundup. Happy 2319 day, and watch out for those socks!

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