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New 'Flatliners' trailer still thinks it's a good day to die

Remember the death-obsessed med students of 1990? They're back, with Ellen Page leading the leap into the underworld.

Now playing: Watch this: 1990 flick 'Flatliners' getting reboot for 2017

The original "Flatliners" came out in 1990, but it was a 1980s movie through and through. Just look at the oh-so-'80s cast -- Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt, one of the Baldwins (OK, it was Billy). The sci-fi horror film about med students trying to die and come back from the beyond wasn't universally beloved, but it felt creepy and fresh back in the day.

But did we really need a new version? The first trailer for 2017's "Flatliners" came out Tuesday, and as awesome as Ellen Page ("Juno") is, the preview doesn't tread any new ground. (Watch the original's trailer for comparison.)

But the upcoming movie does include original cast member Sutherland, who said last summer it's understood he's playing an older version of his original character -- making the film really a sequel, not a remake.

Take  a look, and see if you agree that in the film's most famous line, today is a good day to die. "Flatliners" opens Sept. 29 in the US and UK, and Sept. 28 in Australia.