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World's priciest fidget spinner costs as much as some cars

Russian jewelry company Caviar is selling the trendy toy at prices that'll make your head spin.

When cheap fidget spinners just won't do. 

You can pick up a fidget spinner for a few dollars at the grocery store these days. But if money's no object, a mass-market distraction toy just won't do.

Consider dropping some cash for what's believed to be the world's most expensive fidget spinner. It's made by Russian jewelry firm Caviar, which also manufactures gold-plated iPhones. The gold-plated toy sells for 999,000 rubles ($16,700, £13,000, AU $22,000) and has Caviar's logo engraved on it. 

If that's just too much gold for you, you might prefer a diamond-encrusted version, a skull-decorated carbon-fiber edition or a spinner made in the colors of the Russian flag. All of those are cheaper, some close to 10 times less. 

And if you have any spare change left over from your purchase, you can stuff that cash in your Italian-made, sterling-silver, Prada-designed paper clip-shaped money clip.