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ETrade wants you to rage against the rich

Commentary: The rich are awful, so use ETrade to become one of them. That seems to be the logic behind the company's new ad campaign.

 Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

The rich aren't like you and me.

They're arrogant, boorish, ignorant and, worst of all, tasteless. 

It's just unfair that you and I aren't rich, isn't it? But there's a solution, at least if you believe ETrade's new ad campaign.

Use its online stock-buying and you can become one of the people you despise. It's almost like a lottery ad, but with the dream of "you never know" being an utter nightmare.

The first ad shows a lovely, poor man seeing how awful his rich boss is and how painfully nauseating those who have too much can be. The moral is: Don't get mad, get even (and even more tastelessly debauched than they are).

The campaign is at pains to show you just how awful it is to be poor you.

For example, here we are on a plane in another ad. Our poor hero is seated in coach. A horrible tyke is kicking his seat from behind. We all know this tyke. 

Our hero espies the glories of first class. He walks toward it. It will be his. A first class flight attendant smiles at him. Then, she shuts the curtain, so that he can't get in.

"First class is there to remind you you're not in first class," says the ad, in a final nail to your already downtrodden ego.

Are you mad yet? Do you want to throw something at the rich? Or, perhaps, at the people from ETrade who feel glee in reminding you that you're a failure? 

Why, one ad shows awful rich people dancing on a yacht. Then the words say: "The harder you work, the nicer the vacation." Ah, so this isn't just a campaign for the angry. Oh, but then the caption completes itself with: "For your boss."

I would offer one note of caution, however. Rarely do things go well when you leap toward your computer or phone in a state of anger. 

Please, therefore, be careful that you don't put your life savings into a stock that someone on a business-oriented cable TV station shouted about. He's not angry. He's shouting because he's already rich. He likely weekends in Bermuda with some of the people in these ads.

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