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Eleven bleeds wax in creepy 'Stranger Things' candle holder

Make Eleven's nose bleed just by lighting a candle with this novelty collectible from Firebox.

Seeing red wax drip out of Eleven's nose in this "Stranger Things" candle holder is creepy.

Every time Eleven uses her telekinetic powers on "Stranger Things," her nose bleeds. But with this new Eleven candle holder from the UK store Firebox, you can make her bleed without having to battle any monsters or mouth breathers. 

Just put a long red candle in the white ceramic holder, and as it melts, the red wax will drip "blood" through Eleven's nostril, just like it does in the hit Netflix series.  

The holder measures approximately 8.2 inches (21 centimeters) wide by 10 inches (26 centimeters) tall by 6 inches (16 centimeters) deep and comes with two red candles as well as a handy "nose picker" tool to remove waxy blockages. Ewww.

The Eleven candle holder is "possibly the strangest thing we've ever created," Firebox says on its website.

The candle holder is now available for preorder for about $40 (roughly £30, AU$52), and will ship starting on Dec. 14.

This isn't the first time Firebox has offered an unusual pop culture candle. It also sells a "Raiders of the Lost Ark" melting Nazi candle and a "Ghostbusters" Stay Puft candle.