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15 Fun and Easy Father's Day Gifts That Kids Can Make for Dad

Easy crafts that bring a sweet, personal touch to Father's Day.

Desiree DeNunzio Editor
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Father's Day gifts are often along the lines of outdoor gear or grilling tools. But does the father figure in your life really need more of those? Probably not. Instead, a homemade Father's Day gift is sure to make Dad smile. While some projects are daunting (and messy) these craft kits are easy to use and great for helping your kiddos create a one-of-a-kind present. A unique, handcrafted item that kids can make for Dad (or even Granddad) will help make your favorite guy feel special on Father's Day and beyond. 

If you need a little help in the DIY department, these custom Father's Day gifts are an easy way to bring your kids' vision to life without all the stress and hours of scrolling through Pinterest. (Bonus: A lot of them can be done without your help.) From hand-painted birdhouses to a special book and mosaic coasters, these DIY Father's Day gifts will make his day -- and your kids will be excited to make them, too. So, get those art smocks out and get crafting.

Unique homemade Father's Day gifts  


Sometimes simple is best, and this handprint craft kit is exactly that. It includes the white frame, five clear sheets along with five colors of paint, so you can easily capture your family in a moment in time this Father's Day. Dad will surely be touched by this special gift year after year. 


Kids say the darndest things, and this Father's Day card is sure to be one Dad keeps forever, especially if your child is likely to give hilarious answers to the prompts, like "he is ___ years old." Kids can also draw their dad's face on this card, which is sure to be priceless. There's something so special about capturing the way kiddos see their parents, and this simple, sweet card will help do just that. 

Creative Roots

Kids love to paint -- and they can make their own Father's Day masterpiece in the form of this sweet stepping stone. The kit comes with a stepping stone that is 7 by 7 inches, plus six colors of paint and a paintbrush for your little artist. Just be sure to apply a coat of varnish if this gift is going to actually live outside in Dad's garden so the precious artwork doesn't fade over time. We've learned that lesson the hard way.


If the dad in your life is into cars, the kiddos can paint him his very own race car with this Mondo Llama kit from Target. It comes with a wooden race car, six paint pots and two paintbrushes to keep little ones entertained for a bit while they get to work on their special Father's Day gift for Dad. Note that the paint in this set isn't washable, so this project is recommended for children over 3. 


If Dad is a bird lover -- or just enjoys hanging out in the backyard -- a DIY birdhouse is a great option. This kit comes with everything kids need to build and paint a birdhouse, including precut wooden pieces, glue, paint, paintbrushes and a cord for hanging your masterpiece once it's done.

Uncommon Goods

If Dad has got a green thumb, he'll probably enjoy helping out with this one. This DIY succulent kit is easy to assemble, and the result is absolutely gorgeous. Each kit comes with a mix of various succulent clippings, soil and a redwood frame with vinyl backing. Note that it takes at least eight weeks for the succulents to take root, so you won't be able to hang it up immediately after planting. Prices start at $64 for the 6 by 6-inch frame.


All parents love seeing their kids' artwork, and if Dad enjoys doing puzzles, this paint-your-own jigsaw is a win-win. It's surprisingly large, so multiple people can work on it at the same time. Plus, the backs of the pieces are numbered, which makes it easy for kids to assemble once they've completed their work of art.


If Dad enjoys a cool glass of wine, beer or iced tea, he'll appreciate these gorgeous sea-glass coasters. Each kit has everything you need to get crafting, including presnipped glass, PVA glue, white grout and birch plywood coasters. It's a wonderfully easy project for kids, but adults will have just as much fun making them, too.


A painted frame is a great way to keep little hands busy, and Dad will love the thought that goes into it. Once you paint it, you can choose a photo of a favorite memory or insert a card written by the kids. Dad can proudly display it on his desk at work or on the living room mantle.


These colorful paper-mache bowls are fun and easy to make, and kids will be proud of the result. They're perfect for stashing away loose change, keys and other trinkets. But they're also just fun to decorate with a little splash of color.


These photo magnets are guaranteed to pull on Dad's heartstrings, and it really doesn't get any easier than this. Let your kids choose the photos, upload them, choose the style and background color, add to cart and voila! If you order more than one, it's fun to get really creative with the pics.


Does Dad complain that he already has way too much "stuff?" Then give him the gift of a thoughtful act you know he'll love, like taking out the trash, washing his car or no whining during dinner. This book includes plenty of ideas for fun projects and activities, but there are blank pages where you can add your own, so the options are pretty much limitless.


A "world's greatest dad" mug is a classic gift. But why not step it up a notch and make it yourself? With this kit, you get a ceramic mug, a paintbrush and four small pots of paint. Once you've painted on your design, you simply pop it in the oven, and it's ready for gifting. This is a fun rainy-day craft for kids, and a whole lot cheaper than going to a pottery studio. 

Little Free Library

This one is pricey -- and big: This is a fantastic project that kids can do with Dad. I recommend getting an unfinished library so that everyone can vote on a color and enjoy painting it together. Unfinished kits start at $190 and go up from there. 

The best part about this gift is that you'll be giving something back to your community, too. My family's Little Free Library has become a popular stop on our neighbors' walks, and every day we enjoy discovering what's been added to it. If Dad is into books, a Little Free Library will be a big hit for sure.


This cute and easy kit only requires two handprints (or footprints) to personalize it for the dad who loves saddling up to the grill. It comes with a plate that's ready to go, along with two paints, paintbrushes and a mixing palette. The hardest part will likely be making sure the kids have the patience to let it dry before giving it to the special dad in their life. 

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