Disney's Lion King remake teaser sees Beyoncé roar as Nala

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"Meow," said one lion to the other.

Disney/Screenshot by CNET

The Queen Bey -- or the future Queen Nala -- roars.

Disney dropped a fresh teaser trailer for its CGI remake of The Lion King on Monday, giving us a hint of Beyoncé as Nala as she implores Simba (played by Donald Glover) to come home and take his place as king of the Pride Lands.

We also get a little signature silliness from Timon and Pumbaa (played by Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen) to offset the Game of Thrones-style drama.

The Jon Favreau-directed remake of the 1994 animated classic, pounces on Australia on July 19 before bounding to the US and UK on July 19. If you're still not sure what to think of this new version, check out the previous trailers from last November and April.

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It comes hot on the heels of Disney's surprisingly fun live action Aladdin and its overly dark Dumbo update.

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