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Disney's Jungle Cruise movie releases two new trailers a month from launch

The Rock and Emily Blunt unveil dueling trailers.

Disney Jungle Cruise The Rock poster
The Rock says he's the star of the movie.

Disney's The Jungle Cruise finally hits theaters at the end of July, with stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Emily Blunt releasing two new trailers Wednesday to celebrate a month until the film's release. 

The Rock's Jungle Cruise trailer makes him the star of the movie, showing off his panache and fighting skills, with Blunt's character making a late entry into his teaser as a paying customer on his Amazon river cruise.

Blunt's trailer shows off her Indiana Jones-ian character Lily Houghton uncovering artifacts about a tree in the Amazon that possesses healing powers.

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After being delayed more than a year due to the COVID pandemic, Disney's Jungle Cruise will debut July 30. It'll launch in theaters and via paid Premier Access on Disney Plus the same day, and will be made available to all Disney Plus subscribers three months later for no extra fee.

Until it's more widely available, accessing the movie in Premier Access will cost $30 on top of your monthly Disney Plus bill.