Disney Plus launch has Twitter freaking out over too much choice

What to watch first? Marvel superheroes? Star Wars? Nope, it's childhood nostalgia for the win, many say.

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Feel like you're facing over 14 million choices for your first time streaming on Disney Plus? You're not alone.

There's such a thing as option paralysis. If you give a person too many choices, they may just freeze up and choose nothing. And when the new streaming service Disney Plus rolled out early Tuesday, some subscribers were feeling the pressure.

Just look at the list of what's included. Marvel superhero movies! Star Wars flicks! Almost all the Pixar films! Disney princess films and other classics! New shows, like The Mandalorian! Quaint old Disney history documentaries! Disney Channel shows! It's a crazy, royal, super-powered, at times nostalgic mix.

"Disney Plus is everything. It has EVERYTHING. See y'all never," wrote one Twitter user.

Wrote another, "Hannah. Wizards. Lizzie. I WON'T LEAVE MY HOUSE."

There were also some sad reactions from those who are still waiting on the service. "Waking up to see everyone using Disney Plus already when it won't come to the UK until MARCH," wrote one Twitter user.

And there were jokes. "Disney paid my dad $5 million for Krippendorf's Tribe," wrote journalist Ben Dreyfuss, son of actor Richard Dreyfuss. "They shouldn't be trusted to price things."

It almost feels like there should be a BuzzFeed-style quiz: The first program you chose to watch on Disney Plus tells you how many kids you'll have, which member of BTS you are or something along those lines. 

For many viewers, it wasn't the Marvel superheroes but nostalgia that won the day. Wrote one, "First things first: Binge watch Lizzie McGuire!"

But not everything is for everyone. "Hey #DisneyPlus parents," advised one savvy viewer. "Do not let your kids watch Old Yeller. May I suggest The Cat from Outer Space instead?" 

Binge away, everyone.

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