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Disney Plus Black Beauty movie will star Kate Winslet

The new adaptation will hit the streaming service later this year.

Kate Winslet will voice Black Beauty, opposite Mackenzie Foy's Jo Green.
Disney Plus

Kate Winslet will go on a Disney Plus horse adventure, the company revealed Wednesday, as the voice of Black Beauty in a new movie adaptation of Anna Sewell's classic 19th century novel. It'll hit the streaming service later in 2020.

It'll take place in the American west, rather than the novel's Victorian England.

"When she is captured and taken away from family, her story intertwines with that of 17-year old Jo Green, similarly grieving over the loss of her parents," Disney said in a release. "The two slowly develop a bond that is built on love, respect and mutual healing."

Mackenzie Foy from Interstellar will play Jo, Game of Thrones alum Iain Glen is John Manly and Claire Forlani from Meet Joe Black will be Mrs. Winthorp. 

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