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Disney is reportedly making National Treasure 3

Benjamin Gates could be back to hunting treasure through the pages of American history 16 years after his first go around.

National Treasure
Diane Kruger and Nicolas Cage at the premiere of the first National Treasure movie.
Amy Graves/WireImage

Disney is working on a third installment of its National Treasure movies, according to a report Friday. Spotted earlier by CNET sister site ComicBook, The Hollywood Reporter said Jerry Bruckheimer will again produce, while Chris Bremner will write the script.

No word yet on whether Nicolas Cage and Diane Kruger will be back as Benjamain Franklin Gates and Dr. Abigail Chase. Disney didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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The sequel would follow National Treasure, which hit screens in 2004 and currently lives on Netflix, and 2007's National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which is on Disney's own streaming service.

The first National Treasure movie will be available on Disney Plus on April 30.