Detective Pikachu trailer reveals creepy Lickitung

At least Bulbasaur and Growlithe look cute in the short TV spot.

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Sean Keane

In the games, Lickitung's licks move can cause temporary paralysis.

Warner Bros./Screenshot by CNET

The latest Detective Pikachu TV spot showcases some more CGI versions of classic Pokemon, with Lickitung looking (and sounding) suitably weird.

We see the classic pink Pokemon unfurling his massive tongue in front of hero Tim Goodman (Justice Smith).

The brief set of clips mostly goes over shots we saw in the initial trailer, which set tongues wagging back in November as it revealed Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu, but we also catch a glimpse of Growlithe the fire pup (over Tim's right shoulder during Pikachu's coffee spit-take) and get a close look at Bulbasaur.

Detective Pikachu, based on the Nintendo 3DS game of the same name, licks theaters on May 10. We also already know a sequel is on the way.

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