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Deadpool's interactive head is ready for Marvel-inspired, app-powered pranks

The Marvel Legends collectible wants to swing by for a chat and some insults.

Deadpool's interactive head will look pretty sweet on the shelf with your other Marvel Legends collectibles.

Hasbro is going from earth-shattering power to the Merc with a Mouth for its upcoming life-size Marvel Legends collectible: Deadpool's interactive head. This app-enhanced recreation of the chimichanga-loving superhero's masked bust includes 600 sound effects and phrases, along with sensors and motors that let him react to his newest buddy: you.

"Hold me close and call me Logan," he'll tell you upon being picked up, in one of several Marvel references. 

You can also use the free app to set Deadpool up to play pranks, insult your friends and family or wake you up in the morning. His phrases are divided into sections like outbursts, selfies, bedtime and X-Men.

"C'mon, give me a generic trademark-free upside-down superhero kiss," he'll suggest if you turn him over, with a little "Mwah."

Be warned that this collectible has a potty mouth and is very much designed for adults. Don't have Wade Wilson influencing your kids. He'll also require 4 1.5V C batteries. Otherwise he'll just sit around quietly, looking good.

The Deadpool head is available for preorder on on Amazon and Hasbro Pulse for $100 (roughly £78 or AU$142) and is scheduled for a fall 2020 release.