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Deadpool pinball machine sports '80s flair, X-Men and time travel

Deadpool even faces dinos during this pinball adventure.

Stephen Jensen

Deadpool's newest hangout could be your arcade. Stern Pinball has created a pinball machine that's all about the Merc with a Mouth, and is revealing it in time with Deadpool 2's home release.

First revealed Monday by Marvel and with a trailer revealed by Stern today, the game features Deadpool voiced by Nolan North (who has not only voiced Deadpool in numerous video games, but is also Nathan Drake in the Uncharted games).

Deadpool is also joined with X-Men allies like Wolverine, Dazzler, Domino and Colossus while facing off against Sabretooth, Mystique and even a T. rex (because Deadpool gets to time travel in his own pinball game -- why not?).

The game's board features a Lil' Deadpool bash toy target, a katana sword ramp return and is decked out with ninjas, vampires and chimichangas. Premium and Limited Edition versions also include a disco ball and chimichanga food truck among other decorations.

The pinball game will come in Pro, Premium and Limited Edition models and in the US will cost $5,999, $7,599 and $8,999, respectively for arcade operators hoping to bring Deadpool in. International pricing is not available, but the company says the game is available through international distributors and dealers.

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