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D20 waffle maker rolls a critical hit for breakfast

Battle for your breakfast. ThinkGeek's D20 waffle maker turns out edible versions of your favorite dice roll.

Battle for your breakfast.

Breakfast is the time of day when we sip coffee, pour maple syrup and slay a small army of ogres, owlbears and beholders. If that sounds like an accurate description of your morning meal, you'll want to check out ThinkGeek's Critical Hit D20 Waffle Maker.

With a Death Star waffle maker and a keyboard-shaped waffle iron already for sale, it was really only a matter of time before the Dungeons & Dragons crowd got its own waffles to love. 

The D20 gadget turns out a hexagonal, die-shaped waffle with the number 20 facing up, so you never have to worry about a bad roll at breakfast.

The waffle maker costs $29.99 (£22, AU$38). ThinkGeek will ship it abroad, but it comes with a US-style grounded plug and isn't rated for the UK and Australia electrical systems, so it would most likely end up as a purely decorative item.

In case you're wondering, ThinkGeek says waffles are Lawful Good because they follow rules and have well-ordered structures. That probably means scrambled eggs are Chaotic Neutral and doughnuts are Lawful Evil.