'Sesame Street' cooked up a tasty 'Stranger Things' parody

Cookie Monster Demogorgon! Muppet Barb! "Sharing Things" explains why being a good friend is important, especially in the Snackside Down.

Warning: "Stranger Things 2" spoilers ahead. 

When "Sesame Street" makes a pop culture parody, you'll not only be entertained by excitable Muppets, but you could end up learning tips on how to be a better human. 

A kid-friendly tribute to the Netflix series "Stranger Things" called "Sharing Things" was first mentioned in a teaser trailer posted on the "Sesame Street" Twitter account back in October.

The full 6-minute tribute finally posted to YouTube on Thursday. Popular "Sesame Street" characters Oscar the Grouch, Grover, Ernie and Cookie Monster re-enact some of the most memorable scenes from the second "Stranger Things" season, while reminding us why sharing is a valuable skill to master as a good friend. 

"Sharing Things" revolves around the Cookiegorgon (the Cookie Monster as the Demogorgon), who has eaten everything in the Snackside Down (the Upside Down but with snacks).

But the Cookiegorgon is still hungry. Will he learn how to share or continue wreaking havoc on the kids in town by chasing them down and eating all their treats?  

Grover portrays Lucas, Ernie is Dustin and other generic Muppets play Will and Mike as they go trick or treating dressed up as Ghostbusters during Halloween.

The video also includes Muppet versions of the new kid Max, Sheriff Hopper (who obviously must be a rabbit) and Will's mom Joyce. 

Eleven shows up as the actual number 11 to remind the Cookiegorgon that "friends share." Plus, a giant octopus Muppet stands in for the Shadow Monster floating in the sky.

The best part happens to be a cameo from everyone's favorite underrated teen BFF Barb, only in this parody she's trapped in the Snackside Down and covered in candy wrappers. When she asks the Cookiegorgon if she can go home, he hands her an Eggo instead and says, "Eat your waffle, Barb." Poor Barb.

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