'Consider Phlebas' is Amazon's next stab at must-see sci-fi TV

The company is adapting the first book in Iain M. Banks' Culture series for Prime Video.

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John Falcone

"Consider Phlebas" will be Amazon's next high-profile TV show.

The internet giant on Wednesday revealed that it will adapt the 1987 book that kicked off Iain Banks' so-called Culture series for its Prime Video service. CEO Jeff Bezos gave the effort his personal endorsement in a tweet linking to the press release, calling the series a "personal favorite."

Banks' Culture series -- comprised of nine novels and one short story collection -- portrays a post-scarcity, utopian society in which artificial intelligence plays a central role, and explores the dilemmas such an advanced culture faces when it interacts with others. 

Bezos isn't the only high-profile fan: Elon Musk named the drone ships on which his SpaceX rockets land after the series' gigantic intelligent starships, such as "Of Course I Still Love You."

Amazon is continuing to ramp up large big-budget TV shows as it continues to market Prime Video as a viable alternative to the likes of Netflix, HBO and Hulu. No timeframe for the premiere of "Phlebas" was given, but the fact that Amazon has secured worldwide rights for the show means that it should be available far and wide whenever it does appear. 

CNET's Nick Hide contributed to this report.

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