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'Community' to Finally Fulfill Its Promise of a Movie, Headed to Peacock

Greendale's most infamous study group will reunite.

The cast of Community huddle.
Members of Community's study group.
Sony Pictures Television

During the run of the NBC show Community, diehard fans rallied around the phrase "six seasons and a movie." The quirky comedy about a community college study group made it to six seasons, and now it's finally making good on the rest of the plan. 

Streaming service Peacock tweeted the news on Friday. Community originally aired on NBC starting in 2009 and featured an ensemble cast including comedian Joel McHale, Donald Glover, Chevy Chase and Alison Brie. The show's run wasn't without some turbulence. Show runner Dan Harmon left for a season, which fans referred to as the "gas leak" year, and the threat of cancellation never seemed too far off. The final season of Community, which came out in 2015, ran on Yahoo Screen.

The show endeared itself to fans through offbeat humor steeped in pop culture references, and concept-driven episodes sending up anything from westerns to Law and Order. 

According to statement from Peacock, most of the cast will return. There's no word, though, on Chase, Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown, who all exited the show prior to the last season. Peacock will also stream the full series.