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'Star Trek: Discovery' trailer has big stakes, even bigger explosions

On Saturday, the cast and crew of the newest Star Trek show gave fans a glimpse of what's to come. TL;DR: Don't worry, it'll all work out.

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We just saw the newest "Star Trek: Discovery" trailer at Comic-Con. And wow. 

"It's a little bit larger than the original series in terms of scope and scale," says showrunner Alex Kurtzman.

The trailer, which premiered Saturday at Comic-Con ahead of the show's panel, was much more involved than the first trailer we saw in May, with more explosions and more potent quotables.

This was our second extended look at the show, which will air first on CBS on September 24, then be available on CBS All Access. (Disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent company.) 

Moderator Rainn Wilson, who plays iconic character Harvey Mudd, opened the panel with, "We are warriors!" to rounds of applause.

Within minutes, Wilson asked about the backlash the show has received online. "If you say you love the legacy of Star Trek, but you don't love that, then you've missed it," says star Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays the main character, First Officer Michael Burnham. 

"Star Trek is built around empathy, uniquely," said Executive Producer Akiva Goldsman. The backlash "spoke more to what's happening on the internet than about Star Trek."

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Speaking to the diversity that is Star Trek, Anthony Rapp said he's playing the first openly gay character in the series. "I can announce that Wilson Cruz plays my love interest and my partner." Rapp plays science officer Lt. Stamets and shortly after rattled off some ridiculous sounding futuristic science terminology he had prepped for the occasion.  

Martin-Green also announced that Ambassador Sarek is her surrogate father -- prompting Kurtzman to assure fans it would all work out within canon. 

"I promise you that we passionately believe in what were doing and ... that we'll honor what came before," Rapp said. 

The trailer begins with the statement, "All life is born from chaos." Next we hear a voiceover from Burnham: "Sometimes down is up; and sometimes when you're lost, you're found."

We see what is likely a Klingon funeral, and T'Kuvma says, "You have been waiting for someone worthy of our attention." Does he mean himself? Looks and sounds more than a little likely. 

Ambassador Sarek at one point seems to be talking to Burnham: "You must challenge your preconceptions or they will challenge you." (This made more sense once we learned later in the panel that he raises Burnham as a child.)

And we get our first look at Wilson's Harvey Mudd! He's not in the outfit we saw earlier at the exhibit, but he's definitely dressed for some success (or thieving, obvs).

Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs) says to Burnham, "You helped start a war -- don't you want to help me end it?"

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