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Cobra Kai season 4 trailer karate chops its way into Netflix Tudum event

The All Valley Karate Tournament is about to begin.


Following a wildly successful first three seasons on Netflix after being plucked from near obscurity on YouTube, Cobra Kai is back with a new teaser-trailer for season 4. The first look landed during Tudum, Netflix's three-hour online fan event named after the distinctive drumbeat in Netflix's audio-logo that shows up at the start of all its originals. This kind of big-tent virtual event is the first of its kind by Netflix, which dominates the streaming world as the biggest subscription service, with 209 million members.

From the intense fight choreography to the waves of nostalgia -- and a dash of '80s inspired ridiculousness -- Cobra Kai's fourth season appears to be peppered with the same exuberance that scored it points in seasons past. 

We're back with Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence as they raise the stakes even higher, and if you thought the show peaked at the all-out school war, just you wait. It's time to settle past scores at the All Valley Karate Tournament and face down the sinister John Kreese -- together.

With so many karate fans swarming all over the world to get a look into the Cobra Kai dojo, it comes as no surprise that season 5 was already greenlit before season 4 could even wax on, wax off.

CNET's Joan E. Solsman contributed to this report. 

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