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CNET UK Podcast 550: Robert Rodriguez reveals secrets of Alita Battle Angel

Director Robert Rodriguez and producer Jon Landau reveal what it's like working with James Cameron.

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Richard Trenholm

Alita: Battle Angel wings its way into theatres soon, uniting two powerhouse action directors: James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez.

To find out more about the cutting-edge effects in the spectacular film we sat down with director Robert Rodriguez and producer Jon Landau. Check out our interview below.

Watch this: CNET UK Podcast 550: Robert Rodriguez reveals the secrets of Alita

Based on an iconic manga, Alita was developed by Cameron and handed over to Rodriguez so Cameron could focus on the four planned Avatar sequels. Check out the video below to see star Christoph Waltz explain what it was like working on such an effects-heavy film.

Watch this: Alita: Battle Angel's Christoph Waltz reveals why acting technique didn't matter

 Alita: Battle Angel is released in the UK on 6 February and the US on 14 February.


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