CNET Asks: Ready to see Mission: Impossible - Fallout?

Ethan Hunt comes back to the big screen this weekend with the sixth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, and we want to know how excited you are about it.

Tania González
Paramount Pictures

Ready for another impossible mission? We are!

Tom Cruise is back this weekend as the daring Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible - Fallout. This time around Hunt and the IMF will go against arms dealer John Lark and terrorist group the Apostles to save the world from an imminent nuclear disaster.

The movie hits theaters July 27, and we want to know if you are ready to head out and see another crazy Tom Cruise stunt, with the added bonus of incredible fight scenes with Henry Cavill (Superman) in the role of CIA assassin August Walker.

Check out the poll below and let us know if you will be battling the crowds for opening weekend. Head to the comment section if you want to tell us your favorite Ethan Hunt stunt. I personally love the helicopter madness in Rogue Nation, but my favorite has to be the scene in the first film when he rappels down into the high-security room and stops just inches from hitting the floor; it gets my heart racing every time. I can't wait to find out about yours.