'Bright' trailer mixes magic, grit and Will Smith comedy

A new Netflix trailer for Will Smith's supernatural buddy-cop movie "Bright" tosses one-liners in with the orcs and elves.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Netflix is taking a cue from big blockbusters with "Bright," a Will Smith action movie set in a modern-day city where humans share a world with elves, orcs and fairies. It's also a buddy-cop flick. Netflix dropped the second trailer for the film on Wednesday and it's an invitation to delve into the darkness.

The first trailer arrived in July and included a humorous bit with Smith swatting an annoying fairy. It set the stage for the supernatural elements of the world and the importance of a magic wand to the plot. But this isn't Harry Potter, and the second trailer has plenty of gun battles, plus fires and a strip club.

Will Smith plays Ward, a human cop worried about protecting his pension. He's assigned to work with Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), the first orc cop on the force. It's an interesting dynamic to play with, and naturally there's a prophecy involved.

The new trailer tries to work in plenty of wisecracks, which might leave you wondering how well the comedy will co-exist with the gritty urban setting and the supernatural-is-serious-business elements. Netflix describes the movie as "genre bending" and the trailer bears that out. 

"Bright" arrives on Netflix on Dec. 22.

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