Both Satan and Santa visit in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina holiday trailer

May your days be scary and bright.

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Apparently, the holiday special will feature more of Sabrina's impressive sweater collection. 


"Is this what Christmas is like being a witch?" Rosalind asks her best friend in the trailer for the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's holiday special.

"Not usually," Sabrina tells her fretting friend. "Except kind of."

The trailer for A MidWinter's Tale, which dropped Wednesday, shows all the usual trappings of the season, but with a sinister, magical undertone. Is Santa kidnapping someone? Maybe. Did a mannequin just blink? Likely. Is the Christmas tree shaking like it's possessed? For sure. 

To quote Aunt Zelda, "It's time to light the yule log. Otherwise, who knows what might come down our chimney."

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a reboot of the '90s show Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which in turn is an adaptation of the Archie Comic of the same name from the '60s. Netflix's version came out in October, and Season 2 is set the arrive April 5. There's a hell of a lot more Satan in the reboot than the original, shall we say. 

A MidWinter's Tale hits Netflix on Dec. 14. 

And for anyone who missed the Season 2 trailer's release over the weekend, watch below. It starts with Sabrina using her powers for the teenage tradition of finding just the right outfit. "Since when do you wear black?" Aunt Zelda teases Sabrina at breakfast. "Trying to be edgy?" The trailer -- as you might expect -- gets progressively darker from there.

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