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Headless robots overrun world in creepy Planet Earth parody

Watch as herds of Boston Dynamics SpotMini robots swarm desolate wastelands in this horrifying parody video of the nature documentary series.

Boston Dynamics' dog-like SpotMini robots have already learned to open doors and can happily trot along in adverse conditions. Just watching the bots evolve feels like we're seeing a real-life episode of the futuristic horror series Black Mirror.  

Now you can feel even more uneasy about the four-legged SpotMini robots with a new video parody of the BBC nature series Planet Earth that shows them taking over the Earth.   

In the video posted by YouTube user Nicholas King aka Nickels this week, we see desolate landscapes overrun with the Boston Dynamics robots looking like herds of deer on a quest for survival in barren terrain. 

The video is creepy enough with the thousands of SpotMini robots crowding each other in harsh landscapes, but on top of that, there's no sign of any other kind of life among them. 

This can mean only one thing -- the robots will outlive us all. Sweet dreams.