'Black Mirror' confirms Netflix season 5 renewal

Netflix will once again stare into the heart of techno-darkness as it renews Charlie Brooker's foreboding "Black Mirror" for a fifth season.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Good news for people who love getting the bejeezus scared out of them by technological horror stories. Netflix is renewing the sci-fi series "Black Mirror" for a fifth season. 

The confirmation came on Monday by way of a short video from the "Black Mirror" Twitter and Facebook accounts.

"The future will be brighter than ever," the tweet says, which should instill you with a fresh sense of foreboding. The message shows a collection of clips from previous episodes all playing at once, which will remind fans of season 4's "Black Museum" episode. 

"Black Mirror" originally debuted on British television in 2011 before moving to Netflix in 2016 for its third season. 

The anthology show comes off like a more modern and much darker version of the classic "Twilight Zone" series. Creator Charlie Brooker is known for mixing cutting social commentary with science fiction.

"Black Mirror" really spread its storytelling wings in season 4, delivering some upbeat endings and diving into a twisted exploration of Star Trek-style fandom with "USS Callister." 

Details on the show's return are still scarce, but we can expect some bleak tales as "Black Mirror" continues to ply its dark sci-fi trade. 

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