Bill & Ted's most excellent phone booth can be yours, dude

You can pretend you're slacker Keanu Reeves. Time travel not included.

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History is calling.


Cue up some Wyld Stallyns and psych yourself up to step into a replica of the phone booth from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

To celebrate the movie series coming back for Bill & Ted 3 in August 2020, booth maker Cubicall is releasing "a most excellent phone booth" it describes as a "meticulous recreation" of the one used by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter to explore history. 

Cubicall makes booths designed to give employees some privacy in open floor plan offices. 

So far, we have just a rendering of the replica to go by. If that's what the finished product looks like, it will indeed be pretty accurate.

The booth comes with an umbrella time travel antenna on top, but you'll be disappointed by the fine print: "Due to retrofitting of the payphone, booths cannot travel in time." 

The payphone, however, will be able to hook to a VoIP or landline service. 

Cubicall's customer service said the booth will be priced at $8,495 (about £6,678, AU$12,202) The company will begin accepting orders in the fall, but you can register your interest online. 

You will need to provide your own Circle K parking lot.

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