Beyonce and Jay-Z's Everything Is Love is streaming almost everywhere now

But they don't give two, um, hoots about streaming numbers. Really.

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Joan E. Solsman
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A dancer sits in the Louvre museum in front of a painting in a promo photo for Everything Is Love

Tidal swapped its weekend exclusive on Jay-Z and Beyonce's album for a new exclusive, a single from the Carters called Salud. 


Beyonce may have directed some f-bombs at anyone who thought she cares about streaming numbers, but her surprise album with husband Jay-Z is available to stream pretty much everywhere two days after it dropped on Tidal. 

Tidal's exclusive on Beyonce and Jay-Z's album Everything is Love lasted about 48 hours -- a quick turnaround for a service positioning itself as a velvet-rope home to exclusive content from its megastar owners. Jay-Z and Beyonce, along with a host of other marquee music stars, launched Tidal three year ago on the premise it was a music service by artists, for artists -- and would unlock material from those big-name stars that you couldn't get anywhere else. 

So when the Carters (Sean Carter, aka Jay-Z, and Beyonce Knowles-Carter) released Everything is Love on Saturday, one thing that came as no surprise was that it was exclusively on Tidal. In the album's track Nice, Beyonce raps: "If I gave two fucks about streaming numbers / would have put Lemonade up on Spotify ."

But two days later, this newest record is on Spotify and many other streaming services Monday. (Though Beyonce's 2016 album Lemonade still isn't, in fairness to the lyrics.)

Spotify has Everything is Love available to stream but only for people who pay. (So if you listen with ads on its free tier, you're out of luck.) Spotify's biggest competitor Apple Music also has the album, as do subscription-only tiers of Amazon Music Unlimited and Pandora Premium. 

Reps for YouTube Music didn't immediately respond and the album wasn't readily apparent in searches. 

But Tidal on Monday announced it has a new exclusive from the Carters, just as it lost its exclusivity on Everything Is Love: A single titled Salud

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