Batman learns Gotham City kinda hates him in 'SNL' skit

Bruce Wayne finds out that his alter ego might have gone a little too far punishing litterers and other minor criminals.

Maybe Batman's not such a good guy? In a "Saturday Night Live" skit aired Saturday, Bruce Wayne (Beck Bennett) learns that not everyone in Gotham is a fan of the Caped Crusader's aggressive crime fighting.

As Wayne hosts a Thanksgiving-eve food drive at stately Wayne Manor, Gotham City locals thank him for his generosity -- then start slamming the actions of his secret identity, Batman.

Seems Batman's not just content with going after the Joker. Even minor crime is brutally punished by the costumed vigilante. 

"He broke my jaw in three places just for littering," Kenan Thompson's character announces. "Yeah, he did that backhand thing and like to knocked all my teeth out."

Batman also has a thing for gargoyles, it turns out. 

"Then he picked my ass up in that zipline thing, sent me flying like 30 stories up on a gargoyle," Thompson continues. "And just left me there, hanging by my drawers." Thompson later shares that Batman "crashed a full plane on my street, then just walked away. I was like, 'I guess my Mercury Bobcat's under here somewhere.'"

Wayne frantically tries to defend his pal being tough on crime but soon learns that Batman better watch his step, because even in jail, the Joker is cooking up a plan to take him down in a very, uh, personal way. Holy neutering nightmares, Batman!