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'Back to the Future' kids book makes time travel adorable

Great Scott! We're all so old, some of us have kids now. CNET gets an exclusive look at the cover of a new book that passes along '80s nostalgia.

Teen Marty McFly has adventures in a new "Back to the Future" kids picture book.
Quirk Books

Time-traveling teen Marty McFly stars in a new "Back to the Future" picture book for kids that captures all the classic moments of the beloved 1985 sci-fi film.

We got an exclusive look at the cover of the picture book from author and illustrator Kim Smith, and it's pretty adorable. In fact, judging this book by its cover, I'd love to see a "Back to Future" animated series.

Marty (originally played in the films by Michael J. Fox) is shown wearing his signature outfit, which includes a red vest, jean jacket, checkered shirt, jeans and Nike shoes. Side note to those still deciding on easy DIY Halloween costume: you're looking at one.

In the picture book, Marty has plenty of the same adventures as he does in the film, including teaching his geeky father how to stand up to bullies. 

Previous books in Penguin Random House's Pop Classics series include illustrated adventures of "The X-Files," "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" and "Home Alone." "The X-Files" picture book even has new adventures with FBI agents Mulder and Scully as kids investigating a possible UFO sighting in their own backyard. 

Next up, I'm hoping to see kid-friendly picture books for other well-known sci-fi films like "Blade Runner," "Aliens" and "The Fifth Element." 

The Pop Classics Back to the Future picture book from Quirk Books hits shelves on April 24, 2018.