Baby Yoda $500 toy has a 14-month waitlist

An unofficial toymaker on Etsy is charging $300 for her "Tiny Master" and $500 for her "Baby Master," but it won't be here in time for Christmas -- or even next Christmas.

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Tiny Master

This $300 "Tiny Master" has a 14- to 17-month waitlist.


As Disney seemingly dropped the ball on having merch ready to go featuring the breakout star of Disney Plus series The Mandalorian, unofficial toy makers stepped up to fill the void online. One made-to-order Baby Yoda toy is now so in demand, it has a 14- to 17-month wait time. It'll also cost you $300 to buy the Tiny Master, plus $35 shipping to the US, as one human tries to generate enough Baby Yodas to fuel the infinite demand for the character. The Baby Master is a slightly older version of Tiny Master, coming in at a price of $500.

Etsy store GakmanCreatures makes the unofficial Star Wars toy out of faux fur, polymer clay and pastels. It measures around 5 inches and is completely handmade and fully posable. It has a wire skeleton and glass eyes.

"Due to the high demand, actual waiting period is at least 14-17 months after the date of purchase or even longer," the store notes. "This item can't be delivered by Christmas 2019 and 2020."

The toys are being made by store owner Ekaterina Gakman, who's based in St Petersburg, Russia, and is also making and selling figures of Star Wars' second-cutest creature -- the porg.

The Etsy maker told CNET she has sold almost 30 Baby Yoda toys across the three types -- there are two kinds of the Tiny Master plus the Baby Master -- so far, but more than 20 people also have each kind in their cart.

While there's not much official merchandise beyond basic T-shirts right now, there's a Baby Yoda plush toy coming in February and a Funko Pop in spring 2020. People are also calling for a Baby Yoda emoji.

Originally published Dec. 11.
Update, Dec. 16: Adds comment from Etsy seller.

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