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'Avengers: Infinity War' trailer is 'badass,' star says

Star Paul Bettany promises "everyone will love" the long-awaited movie preview...if we ever get to see it.

Fans are still waiting for that "Avengers: Infinity War" trailer.
Marvel Studios 2018, artist: Ryan Meinerding

It's starting to feel like the word "Infinity" in "Avengers: Infinity War" refers to the time fans have been waiting to see the movie's trailer.

But Paul Bettany, who plays The Vision, says the wait will be worth it. Bettany and co-star Sebastian Stan, who plays Winter Soldier, spoke at Rhode Island Comic-Con on Saturday, and according to Adventures in Poor Taste, raved about the trailer and the film.

Bettany said he watched the trailer on co-director Joe Russo's phone, declaring it "badass" and "amazing," adding, "It'll be out, everyone will love it."

Stan had high praise for the film. "Almost every scene is epic," he said.

Joe and Anthony Russo recently posted an Orson Welles wine commercial from 1978 to their Instagram account, seemingly telling fans that they will release the trailer only when it's ready. The post plays off Welles' famed catchphrase for Paul Masson wine: "We will sell no wine before its time."

Footage from the film was shown in July at Disney fan gathering D-23 and at San Diego Comic-Con, leaving fans clamoring for it to be posted online. Joe Russo has said the eventual trailer won't be the same as the summer footage -- and some have speculated that events in the recently released "Thor: Ragnarok" are the reason. (Not dropping spoilers here, but if you've seen "Thor: Ragnarok," you can figure it out.)

"Avengers: Infinity War" is scheduled for an April 25, 2018, release in Australia, April 27 in the UK and May 4 in the US.