'Avengers: Infinity War' footage drove fans crazy at D23

Avengers assemble! And let's all complain about how Marvel doesn't seem likely to release it online.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper
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Warning: Possible spoilers for "Avengers: Infinity War" ahead.

You know that bummer of a feeling when everybody else is in on something cool and you're not? That's how Marvel fans felt Saturday when word spread that footage from "Avengers: Infinity War" was shown at the D23 Disney fan-club event in California -- and yet the video didn't turn up online.

As of Saturday evening, the footage shown still hadn't been released officially -- and according to Entertainment Weekly, won't be. But entertainment publications and fans lucky enough to be at D23 were giving it rave reviews.

Uh, Marvel, we think you can wait just fine, otherwise you'd have released it by now.

According to EW, the footage begins with the Guardians of the Galaxy meeting up with a battered Thor, then introduces plenty of other heroes, including Spidey Sense-tingling Peter Parker, Iron Man, bearded Captain America, blonde Black Widow, Black Panther and Doctor Strange, among others.

But the scene that made plenty of headlines involved purple-skinned supervillain Thanos (Josh Brolin) and how he apparently throws a planet or (some say it's the moon). 

Sound like something you'd like to see? You and a whole bunch of other Avengers, who assembled online to groan about it.

But don't hold your breath for this footage to appear online. D23 doesn't allow cameras in certain panels, and it appears this was understandably one of them -- so no bootleg footage is likely to surface. 

It's possible the video could be shown at San Diego Comic-Con next weekend, so if you've already got tickets to that, you could be in luck. Otherwise, there are plenty of online summaries if you want to savor every detail that we schlubs sitting at home didn't get to see.

Marvel did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether this footage -- or other scenes from "Avengers: Infinity War" -- will be shared online any time soon.

"Avengers: Infinity War" opens on May 4, 2018 in the US, April 25, 2018 in Australia and April 27, 2018 in the UK.

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