Marvel's 'Avengers: Infinity War' moved to April

Now you'll be able to see "Infinity War" even sooner than expected. 🙌

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In the surprise-iest of surprise moves, Marvel started March off by moving up the "Avengers: Infinity War" release date for the entire world a whole week, to Friday, April 27. Everyone "will now be able to globally experience the film together, as it will be released worldwide on the same date," Marvel said in a statement.*

This all kicked off on Twitter thanks to @RobertDowneyJr, and you'll find the relevant parts below. (Seriously though, the move smacks of the "leaked" Avengers poster and all those adorable Mark Ruffalo stunts, and I'm even not mad about.)

Maybe parent company Disney didn't want Marvel to to have to compete with "Solo: A Star Wars Story" (which comes out at the end of May), or maybe it just understands that fans' love of all things Marvel Cinematic Universe-related is better served fast and furious this anniversary year. (And with three movies coming out this year, who needs time to breathe between them?)

The move isn't without precedent -- studios move films around all the time. What's different here is the manner and timing of the announcement. Usually films are pushed back, or kept in limbo for a period of time, and Marvel has been locked into this May 4 date (which is super close to the 10th anniversary of the MCU) for years. October 2014, to be exact.

Whatever the reasoning, fans are stoked and obviously soooo ready for more Black Panther. (OK, yes, and Iron Man and Cap and the rest of the team, sure.)

*Sounds like this may push back the opening date in countries like Australia, where the opening was scheduled ahead of April 27; note that IMDB still lists that country's opening date as Wednesday, April 25.

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