Virtual Elton John appears in London, teasing possible VR concert

Is Elton John diving into AR and VR tomorrow? This London pop-up at King's Cross station suggests the answer is yes.

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Scott Stein

An augmented Elton John photo opp appeared in London, captured here. Hints at a VR concert series?


CNET received an invite from the Office of Elton John for an event tomorrow, promising, "prepare to see Elton John as you have never seen him before. A special announcement delivered in a revolutionary way. An experience not to be missed."

We don't know what it is yet, but an augmented reality pop-up in London's King's Cross station suggests virtual music is afoot.

According to tweets, the installation has a self-playing piano and a screen that, when looked through, shows a virtual vintage Elton playing away.

The invite also makes a reference to "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road," John's 1973 album released 45 years ago.

One person (@daddyrog) who was at the event reports that it was a selfie opportunity, with a Yamaha player piano and a TV screen that showed vintage 70s Elton.

Little Google Cardboard VR headsets were also given out ahead of tomorrow's livestream, suggesting some sort of VR-related element, too. Employees from YouTube were seen at the pop-up event.

Meanwhile, the real Elton John was in Davos earlier this week receiving a Crystal Award from the World Economic Foundation for his philanthropy.

VR has become a busy landscape for music artists broadcasting concerts in 360 or in 3D, or for more experimental ideas. We'll be covering the event tomorrow from New York. The event's being broadcast at eltonjohn.com Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 9:30 a.m. PT/12:30 p.m. ET.