Apple TV Plus to reportedly launch by November for about $10 per month

After months of silence on key points, some details may be offering a more complete picture.

Apple TV Plus talent gathered with CEO Tim Cook in March in the lobby of the Steve Jobs Theater.
Art Streiber/Apple

Apple officially announced its Apple TV Plus subscription service in the spring but has since been silent about important details, such as cost and launch date. It appears now that Apple's plans are coming in to greater focus.

The iPhone maker's subscription service for its exclusive original shows and films will debut by November at a possible cost of $10 per month, Bloomberg reported Monday. The company will likely start with a small slate of shows, expanding it gradually over the months, unidentified sources told the news outlet. A free trial might also be in the works.

At a splashy event in March at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple finally confirmed it plans to launch the Netflix competitor offering original TV shows and movies sometime in the fall. Apple CEO Tim Cook heralded Apple TV Plus as being "unlike anything that's been done before."

The company has reportedly spent an estimated $2 billion on the effort.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Apple sees services as its next big opportunity. The area, which includes the App Store and Apple Music, has soared thanks to all of us who own the 1.4 billion active Apple devices out there. Along with jumping into TV and music streaming, Apple introduced a gaming service called Apple Arcade and launched news subscriptions. It's even introduced a new branded credit card called Apple Card, giving the company a foothold into the world of finance.

In addition to competing with established services Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, Apple's offering will compete with Disney Plus, a $7-a-month Netflix-like service that will debut Nov. 12 and serve as a home base for streaming all of Disney's blockbuster movies, multiple Star Wars and Marvel original series and other programming.