Amy Winehouse returns to the stage as a hologram next year

The late singer will be backed by a live band as part of a fundraising effort for her foundation.

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Photo of Amy WINEHOUSE

Amy Winehouse will perform posthumously in 2019.

Chris Christoforou/Getty

Amy Winehouse will stage a comeback tour in hologram form in late 2019.

The digital recreation of the singer, who died in 2011, will perform hits like "Rehab," "Back to Black" and "Valerie."

Money from the tour will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which helps young people struggling with alcohol and drug use, according to Engadget. We don't know when tickets for the concerts are going on sale yet.

"Featuring digitally remastered arrangements of her classics, the hologram will be backed by a live band, singers and theatrical stagecraft," Base Hologram, which partnered with the foundation, said in its announcement.

"We experienced first-hand how these hologram shows celebrate great artists. This is a wonderful way to bring focus back to her musical legacy, as well as raising funds for the Amy Winehouse Foundation," Mitch Winehouse, Amy's father, said in a statement. "It's time to remind everyone that Amy was one of the great musicians and performers."

The 27-year-old Winehouse, who struggled with addiction, was found dead in her home in London on July 23, 2011, just over a month after her last performance in Belgrade, Serbia. She died of alcohol poisoning.  

The Winehouse hologram concert will join Base Hologram's current shows: "In Dreams: Roy Orbison -- The Hologram Concert," which is touring the US, and "Callas in Concert," which can be seen in the US and Europe. Orbison, a rock musician, died in 1988. Maria Callas, an opera singer, died in 1977.

Brian Becker, Base Hologram's founder and CEO, called Winehouse a "powerhouse in every sense of the word."  

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Update, 7:32 a.m. PT: Adds quotes from Mitch Winehouse and Brian Becker and details on Base Hologram's other shows.

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