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AMC launches private movie theater rentals starting at $99

New release movies are priced from $149 to $349 plus tax.

You can now rent out your local AMC theater.
Angela Lang/CNET

AMC is fully launching its program through which anyone can rent out a movie theater privately. The move comes after a four-week trial to test people's interest, during which AMC got more than 110,000 requests across the nation.

Private movie showings are priced from $99 plus tax, depending on location, with the price including tickets for up to 20 people. New-release movies like Tenet are priced between $149 and $349 plus tax.

You can book an AMC theater for yourself by using the AMC website or mobile app. As with booking a regular ticket, all you have to do is select which movie you want to see at your local theater, the time and date, then confirm and check out. Bookings need to be done at least a day in advance.

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"Private Theatre Rentals at AMC provides an additional layer of safety and security to those moviegoers who are looking to see movies with just their family members and friends," said Elizabeth Frank, AMC's executive vice president of worldwide programming, in a statement.

Other movie theaters have launched similar offerings, given a dramatic decrease in movie-going crowds in 2020 due to the coronavirus