Amazon reportedly in talks to save The Expanse

After being cancelled by Syfy, there's new hope that The Expanse will come back for a fourth season.


Amazon is currently in talks to rescue The Expanse from cancellation, numerous entertainment outlets including Variety and Deadline are reporting.  

Sources confirmed with Deadline that talks between Amazon and Alcon Television Group, which produces the show, are still in the early stages.

Syfy cancelled The Expanse May 10 and fans have been embroiled in a campaign to save the show ever since. Using the #SaveTheExpanse hashtag, there's been chatter across social media, directed mainly at Netflix and Amazon. A petition started by fans currently sits at over 130,000 signatures and was tweeted out by The Expanse writing team's official Twitter. The Expanse is currently halfway through its third season.   

There's a long history of fans online mobilising to rescue popular shows. Most recently, NBC swooped in to rescue Brooklyn-Nine Nine after its cancellation by Fox led to a fan outcry. 

Amazon didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.