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Amazon Prime members can see Aquaman a week early in US

You can see the aquatic Jason Momoa adventure on Dec. 15.

Aquaman's wondering if Amazon Prime is available in Atlantis.
Warner Bros. Pictures

Amazon Prime members can journey to Atlantis a week early with exclusive access to Aquaman tickets in the US.

Amazon's offering members tickets for Saturday, Dec. 15, showings (at 7 p.m. local time) of the DC Comics aquatic superhero movie at theaters across the country -- a week before the general Dec. 21 release date.

Members can buy up to 10 tickets each, the company said Monday, and people who aren't already using the service can use Amazon's 30-day free trial offer to get access. Ticketing for the screenings is powered exclusively by Atom Tickets.

"Bringing this epic origin story and the wondrous underwater world to the screen has been an amazing experience for the whole cast and crew, and I'm so excited for Prime members to be our first audience for Aquaman," said director James Wan in a release about the offer.

It'll be the first standalone adventure for Aquaman (Jason Momoa) after the character's debut in 2017's Justice League.

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Even with the early screenings, US fans still won't see Aquaman first  -- the movie's opening on Dec. 13 in Australia and a day later in the UK.

First published Nov. 19 at 5:55 a.m. PT.
Updated Nov. 20 at 10 a.m. PT: Notes Atom Tickets' role.

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