This creepy short film will make you fear your Amazon Echo

A short starring Alexa quickly veers into terrifying territory as an Echo listens to whispers in the dark.

Go look at your Amazon Echo. It looks pretty innocuous, right? Now go watch director Julian Terry's short film "Whisper." Suddenly, that dark cylinder of a gadget feels like an ominous messenger of doom. 

The atmospheric short takes on some familiar horror tropes. There's a room at night, a woman woken from her sleep by mysterious happenings, a dark closet and a very classic ending. The presence of the Amazon Echo and Alexa's voice as a co-star adds a fun new wrinkle to the genre. 

Terry released "Whisper" on Tuesday just in time for Halloween. The spooky holiday may be over now, but your newfound Alexa suspicions will live on. 

If you learn anything from this short, it's that you should keep your closet door closed at night. And maybe you should unplug your Echo before you go to bed.